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Ginjo sake that is not lost anywhere. Shochu that can only be made in Tohoku.

scene_02.jpg"NINKI INC." is a new brewery made by professionals who have been involved in sake brewing for many years. Japanese sake is only ginjo sake, not ordinary sake. Since only ginjo is made, ginjo sake is not defeated.

In addition, we will create "clean and sophisticated shochu" that can only be made in Tohoku. We are particular about ingredients such as barley, wheat, soba and sake, and store only in Tohoku. Please look forward to the "NINKI INC." that makes you the sake you really want to make, without being bound by history or ambition.

Liquor brought up by the seasons and climate of Tohoku and Fukushima.

Nihonmatsu, Fukushima, overlooking the Abukuma mountain range to the east and the mountains of the Adachi Tara mountain range to the west. Here, there is water that is indispensable for sake brewing. "Underflow water of Mt. Adachi-san" has become a clear stream of water from thick granite bedrock that has been melted into the ground by snowmelt and polished over 40 years. It is a well-known water that contains various mineral components in a well-balanced manner and is ideal for use as feed water.

This land is also a good condition for growing sake rice. In the early morning, the temperature difference between day and night increases as fog rises, and high-quality sake rice is produced every year, coupled with rich soil and moderate sunshine hours. At "NINKI INC.", sake is brewed from local rice grown in an ideal climate.


We make the liquor we want with traditional techniques.

Ginjo sake is made by carefully fermenting in a low-temperature state where yeast is difficult to activate. It takes time and effort, and the management is very delicate. Needless to say, growing healthy yeasts requires making good rice bran, and for good rice bran, careful consideration is required for work such as milled rice, washed rice, and steamed rice.Therefore, "NINKI INC." brews sake by traditional handicrafts, valuing MORISHI's intuition based on many years of experience and the brewers' thoughts about sake brewing. The steamed rice is already steamed, and the brewers work together to lower it from the kettle and cut it back by hand. It may look like a long time ago. However, liquor that can never be made in a way that relies solely on machines for efficiency alone, is born from there.


Origin of the brand

logodesign02.jpgNihonmatsu had many breweries in the old days. However, in the early Showa period, many breweries disappeared, including the "HANAGASUMI" of the Naganuma family, the birthplace of Kotaro Takamura's wife, Chieko. Among them, there was a brand called "NINKI". We thought that it was a very good brand for liquor when we interpreted it as "people devote ourselves", not to mention the meaning as it is. In order to do the best, we added "one(ichi)" and named it "NINKI-ICHI".