Values & Process


We are a brewery that markes only ginjo. We are abrewery that only make sake by hand.

A new sense of value for sake and for drinking it

At Ninki Shuzo, we think the job of a brewer is not only to make delicious sake. It is also enriching the hearts of those that drink our sake. We want to suggest ways to accomplish this.

We want our customers to experience a new appreciation that has not been felt before. We are always pursuing a new sense of value, and we aim to develop highly unique products.

Product Design

logodesign.jpgUntil now, the concept of product design has been all about concepts like "delicious," "luxurious gift," and "good design sense." NINKI-ICHI products add to these traditional concepts that of beauty as an interior design element.

Few people buy sake or shochu and then immediately drink it all. We have aimed to create a product that people will want to let sit on the tabel or in the refrigerator for a few days.

Even the logo itself, a totally new image for such a product, was chosen to ve new and novel, using small,kitsch characters, so as to link the products with an artistic touch.